Win one of 3 NZNG Summer Picnic Bags.

Picnic Bags Include;

  Culley's Kiwi Hot Sauce

Culley's Chipotle Hot Sauce

Kiwi Reviver

RJ's Licorice 7.05oz Raspberry, Orange, Black Bags

RJ's Licorice 6.05oz Allsorts & Raspberry/Choco Twist 6.3oz Bags

EasiYo Yogurt Mixtures -Banana, Raspberry & Cream, Greek & Honey

New Zeland Tote Bag

Simply make any purchase over $50.00 USD via from June 28th - July 31st to go into the chance to Win.Like our post and page on Facebook and we will add your name twice to our draw!Winners will be picked at random and contacted Monday 1st August 2016.