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Why did we call our water 1907?  It's a shout out to the original pioneers, who in 1907 , first started bottling water in the town of Paeroa, New Zealand, a country known for its purity and beauty.  Now from our Paeroa Artesian Source (680 feet deep) 1907 brings you our high alkaline artesian water.

1907 Artesian Water is carbon dated at 50,000 years old.  As well as coming from a very deep protected/confined aquifer, our water fell from the sky 50,000 years ago, long before modern humans were around and pollution existed.

Naturally Functional - Naturally Alkaline...  Acidic foods and stress lower our bodies pH level into an acid state causing a weakened immune system, decreased energy and a vunerability to illness.  1907 Artesian Water is high in bicarbonates and has a natural pH of 8.0 making it a perfect alkaline water to help balance your body's pH.   

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